How will the Obamacare Subsidy debate effect me?

If you live in California, it won’t.  Opponents of the Healthcare Reform (ACA) are attempting to use the literal translation of the Act to dismantle it.  The federal appeals court in Washington, D.C. ruled that the federal government may not subsidize health insurance plans for federally run Exchanges.  California is one of the 16 that created its own state run Exchange and therefore, would not be subject to any potential loss of subsidies.

Initially, the federal government assumed that all states would create their own Exchanges but ended up stepping in when it became evident that this would not happen.  The President was successful in passing the Affordable Care Act but the verbiage of the law was never changed to reflect the federally run marketplace.  The Obama administration says that 6.7 million people are getting tax credits and of these, 70 percent are using a federal exchange.  That would mean a lot of people would lose the ability to pay for their insurance.  This argument has traction but has an uphill battle to fight.