LGBT and Covered CA- What You Should Know


Health coverage for same-sex married couples

For coverage starting in 2015, an insurance company that offers health coverage to opposite-sex spouses must do the same for same-sex spouses. Many insurers already offer this protection.

Protections against discrimination

As long as a couple is married in a jurisdiction with legal authority to authorize the marriage, an insurance company can’t discriminate against them when offering coverage. This means that it must offer to same-sex spouses the same coverage it offers to opposite-sex spouses.

This is true regardless of the state where:

The couple lives
The insurance company is located
The plan is sold, issued, renewed, or in effect
Married same-sex couples and lower costs

The Marketplace also treats married same-sex couples the same as married opposite-sex couples when they apply for premium tax credits and lower out-of-pocket costs on private insurance plans. This is true in all states.

A couple may be eligible for premium tax credits on Marketplace plans as long as the taxpayer and spouse file a joint federal tax return for the year they’re getting Marketplace coverage. Married couples must file jointly in order to be eligible for tax credits, regardless of gender.

When you apply for help paying for coverage in the Marketplace, you’ll be asked if you’re married. If you and your spouse plan to file a joint federal tax return for 2014, select “yes.”

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