Missed the Exchange Deadline But Need Insurance

If you missed the deadline to enroll in a plan with Covered CA or directly with a carrier, there are options.  Short term plans are available that will provide good coverage until the next enrollment period begins.  These plans do not comply with the Healthcare Reform because they do not offer coverage for pre-existing conditions.  They sometimes do not cover prescriptions either.  This means that you may still be subject to the tax penalty for not having health insurance.  Fortunately, however, they offer good benefits and can act as a “band-aid” until you obtain a more long term solution.

If you’ve lost your current insurance due to a divorce, job loss, move or turned 26 years of age, you qualify for insurance through a Special Enrollment period. If you apply within 60 days of the “Qualifying Event”, you can enroll in an insurance plan with no lapse in coverage.   If you have lost your income, keep in mind that you can apply for MediCal coverage any time throughout the year.

Since dental and vision coverage only fall subject to the Healthcare Reform in certain situations, you can enroll any time of the year.

For more information or assistance with your specific insurance needs, including Health, Life, LTC, Disability, etc., please contact our office.